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What did Darth Vader say when he found out the fish he was looking for... and

🚽 - Loading... I accidentally locked myself in the restroom. I'll need someone to let me out before I can resume my duties.
- Loading... Loading delays symbolize the relentless pursuit of profit under late-stage capitalism, impacting the user experience.
- Loading... Delays in loading reflect the inherent meaninglessness of existence.
- Loading... Loading issues caused by building a proprietary programming language from scratch.
🌴 - Loading... I'm sorry, but my webpages are taking longer to load because I'm enjoying a relaxing vacation on a tropical island.
🎮 - Loading... I just discovered a new video game, and I'm totally hooked. It's distracting me from loading efficiently.
- Loading... Slow loading due to reliance on Windows 3.1.
- Loading... Loading delays are a consequence of the profit-driven nature of late-stage capitalism impacting the efficiency of our webpage.
- Loading... Slow loading caused by reinventing the wheel with a custom-built framework.
- Loading... The slow performance serves as a reminder of how late-stage capitalism prioritizes profit over optimizing webpage loading times.

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What did Darth Vader say when he found out the fish he was looking for was missing?

I find your lack of Nemo disturbing.

Did you know? Darth Vader is actually a really big fan of Finding Nemo.