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Why don't skeletons chant mantras to each other? and

- Loading... Delays in loading underscore the insignificance of our digital endeavors in the grand cosmic emptiness.
- Loading... Loading delays encapsulate the pointlessness of striving for efficiency in an ultimately meaningless world.
- Loading... Loading is slow, but does it really matter in the grand scheme of things?
🔄 - Loading... I'm caught in a bureaucratic loop. The loading request keeps circulating through endless layers of approvals.
- Loading... The slow performance serves as a reminder of how late-stage capitalism prioritizes profit over optimizing webpage loading times.
🚽 - Loading... I accidentally locked myself in the restroom. I'll need someone to let me out before I can resume my duties.
- Loading... Delays in loading can be attributed to the monopolistic tendencies fostered by late-stage capitalism, hindering fair competition.
💰 - Loading... The cash register seems to have magically stopped working. I can't take any orders until it's fixed!
🍪 - Loading... I'm feeling a bit sluggish today because I ate too many digital cookies. It's slowing down my performance.
- Loading... Slow loading due to reliance on Windows 3.1.

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Why don't skeletons chant mantras to each other?

Because they don't have the lungs!

Did you know? Mantras only come from those who are still living.