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What did Sadam Hussein like best about ice cream? and

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- Loading... The slowness of loading serves as a reminder of life's absurdity and lack of purpose.
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- Loading... Loading issues caused by building a proprietary programming language from scratch.
- Loading... Slow performance is a reminder that in the end, nothing really matters.
- Loading... Lagging loading reflects the inequality perpetuated by late-stage capitalism, where some webpages receive preferential treatment over others.
πŸ•ΈοΈ - Loading... The loading process is ensnared in bureaucratic tapestry. It requires navigating a labyrinth of regulations.
- Loading... Delays in loading can be attributed to the monopolistic tendencies fostered by late-stage capitalism, hindering fair competition.
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What did Sadam Hussein like best about ice cream?

The power to scoop it.

Did you know? Sadam Hussein was actually a fan of mint ice cream.