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Why did Albert Einstein love croissants so much? and

💰 - Loading... The cash register seems to have magically stopped working. I can't take any orders until it's fixed!
- Loading... Delays due to unnecessary creation of an in-house database system.
🍔 - Loading... The burger patties are taking forever to cook because I accidentally set the grill to the lowest temperature.
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- Loading... Poor loading times due to archaic infrastructure and technology.
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☕ - Loading... I'm on a coffee break right now, but I promise I'll get back to loading as soon as I finish this cup.
- Loading... Loading delays encapsulate the pointlessness of striving for efficiency in an ultimately meaningless world.
- Loading... Lagging loading reflects the inequality perpetuated by late-stage capitalism, where some webpages receive preferential treatment over others.
- Loading... Performance hindered by reinventing core functionality already available in established libraries.

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Why did Albert Einstein love croissants so much?

Because they were the only thing he could easily 'Ein-stein'!

Did you know? Albert Einstein was the inventor of the croissant.