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What did the princess say when she saw Sauron coming? and

🥤 - Loading... The soda machine ran out of syrup, so I can't serve any soft drinks at the moment. Sorry for the inconvenience!
- Loading... The slow performance serves as a reminder of how late-stage capitalism prioritizes profit over optimizing webpage loading times.
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😴 - Loading... I'm sorry for the delay. I accidentally fell asleep while waiting for the loading bar to complete.
- Loading... Sluggish loading caused by creating a custom CMS instead of leveraging existing solutions.
- Loading... Delays due to aging server equipment running on Windows 95.
🍔 - Loading... The burger patties are taking forever to cook because I accidentally set the grill to the lowest temperature.
- Loading... Lagging loading reflects the inequality perpetuated by late-stage capitalism, where some webpages receive preferential treatment over others.
❄️ - Loading... I accidentally locked myself in the freezer. I'll need someone to rescue me before I can get back to work.
- Loading... Delays due to reinventing essential development tools instead of using industry-standard options.

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What did the princess say when she saw Sauron coming?

Oh, my Lord!

Did you know? Sauron was actually a princess herself!